Anti-seismic and fire-resistant

Anti-seismic and fire-resistant

Earthquake proof wooden houses

The wooden houses realized through the X-Lam or Frame walls prove that wood is the perfect material for building in high seismic areas. This is because wood is a flexible, light and robust material.

Lighness and resistance allow wooden houses to be elastic, so succeeding in absorbing the tremors limiting the damages to the building. Wood is also more flexible than cement and therefore it is able to eliminate the consequences of the earthquakes, in particular substantial damages.

Fire-resistant wooden houses

Contrary to the popular belief, wood is a fire-resistant material, in other words its resistance to fire load is better than many other materials used in construction industry. Wood maintains its structural features even at high temperatures, since its self-ignition takes place at 300°C.

In case of fire, wood gets charred on the surface protecting its internal structure, so there is a protective coat above the structure which reduces the speed of the flames, operating as insulation and safeguarding the static nature that isn't damaged.