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Construction and renovation company in Lecco and Como

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It is the historical field of activity of Frigerio Company, born exactly as a building enterprise, and even today it is his core business. On the stregth of an experience gained during several decades and through a continuous training and a constant attention to every technological innovation, Frigerio Building can provide a wide range of housing, commercial and industrial solutions. In addition to the new traditional constructions, there are actually the most modern projects connected to eco friendly building and wooden houses philosophies and all the maintenance and restoration works as well.

The fields of Frigerio Building

Energy requalification and maintenance of buildings in Lecco and Como

In addition to new construcions and maintenance and renovation works for whichever building, Frigerio Company provides different additional services and guarantees which allow to relieve oneself of any worries: they range from after-sales service to global service, from new technologies in the sphere of energy redevelopment to certifications in the field.