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Services for contructions industry

New buildings, property renovations and services for residential, commercial and directional construction industry.

Lifeline Systems

Lifelines and fall protecton services for roofs made in whichever material.

Direct sale of properties

Direct sale of residential, commercial and industrial properties.

Construction of wooden houses

Low energy consumption, best comfort and high safety.

The fields of Frigerio Company

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Frigerio Company - Construction company and lifelines system in Lecco and Como

Born as a building society, over the years Frigerio Company has developped a remarkable experience in the realization of new houses, commercial and industrial buildings. Attention to detail, best quality-seeking, training and continuous innovation are the main ingredients which have allowed Frigerio Company to become a reference for anyone who wish to buy, refurbish or sell a building, and also for the workers in the sector.

Over the years the business of Frigerio Company has increased, excelling in different high specialization branches: beside Frigerio Building, the time-tested building activity, we saw the birth of Frigerio Safety specialized in providing high quality safety devices, and Frigero Real Estate, an estate service on the strength of their deepened knowledge of our territory.

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