Construction company and lifelines system

Construction company and lifelines system

Building quality as a mixture of tradition and new horizons

Frigerio Company has been strengthening more and more his relationship with the territory of Lake Como which remains his main reference area still today.

Over the years also specialization, competence and know-how have increased: thanks to these qualities, together with flexibility and dynamism, today Frigerio Company can deal with very different projects concerning planning, building, sale and maintenance of public and private constructions, both in residential and commercial or industrial spheres.

In addition to the knowledge learned in the field, Frigerio Company can boast of the ability of specific professionals: technicians, surveyors, architects and engineers have been responsible for the success of Frigerio Company in different building projects and also in setting up the new Real Estate and, from 2008, the Safety fields.

A company philosophy based on quality, tradition and innovation, specialization and far-sightedness bearing in mind the lessons from the past is the connection between the different branches of Frigerio Company.