Real Estate Services

Every real estate operation includes delicate financial, fiscal, legal and personal decisions, both about one's home and a business and an investment. For this reason it is important to be able to rely on a qualified staff who deeply know the characteristics and the dynamics of this field and could best advise: thanks to an accurate professional training and a long-time experience developed in the field of real estate and company operations, Frigerio Real Estate can provide a competent and complete expert advice for whatever need of each customer.

Expert advice and real estate mediation, analysis and surveys services

Frigerio Company offers a range of professional and customized services for:

- private customers: buying and selling and rent tasks, expert advice and asset management
- small and medium enterprises: research, purchase and enhancement of properties
- large enterprises: research for locations, technical and juridical due diligence

Technical services for properties and esterprises, preliminary check-up

Frigerio Company provides his support for:

- technical, cadastral and planning assistance
- fiscal, legal and taxation assistance
- energy and special certifications
- expert advice, due diligence and business negotiations
- property enhancement and generation handover
- property measures taken to reclaim, special constructions and restorations