Certified company for public tenders with SOA and OG1

Certified company for public tenders with SOA and OG1

Certifications meaning guarantees

Through the obtaining of the SOA Certification, Frigerio Company is able to access public tenders in OG1 category for building. But this certification has a deeper meaning for us: the parameters taken into account for the SOA Certication release concern both the quality and the economic sphere and so they become an important guarantee for both the public and the private customers.

Quality and economic soundness result from a rigorous internal structure of thr company, indicated by the direct hiring of the staff by the Company and the direct property of the equipment

Binding security plan and specific training make Frigerio staff able to work in high risk enterprises who aim at the Protocol “Zero Risk” or at the compliance with internal certifications.

Corporate policy about health and safety

Frigerio Company has drafted a document where it states the elements the Occupational Health and Safety Management System is based on, and the instruments through which he pretends to achieve those objectives. Considering the importance of this document for the Company and his customers, we decided to publish it so that it is accessible to everybody.